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OK, maybe this is going to be another re-building year but how many can fans put up with, especially when there’s no evidence of any real commitment toward that re-building effort?
Baltimore has a great history of supporting its sports team, unfortunately, however, that support isn’t being reciprocated and the Baltimore Orioles principal owner, Peter Angelos, seems to have only disdain for the city and its traditions.
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For those who are die hard Baltimore Orioles fans the past 30 years or so have been an era of lots of ups and downs.

The majesty of the Cal Ripken era would give way to accusations of steroid abuse, on field mediocrity and a seeming ambivalence by the principle owner, Peter Angelos, who secured his great wealth through asbestos litigation and is a common advertising presence on local television and cable.

The Baltimore Orioles fell into a deep funk, despite having a magnificent stadium, which played a great role in revitalizing the harbor section of the city.

During that funk the team set upon deeply rooted losing ways with no evidence of ownership having an interest in reversing the downward spiral.

During that period sales of “Dump Angelos” T-shirts were, not surprisingly, quite brisk.

Then, a wonderful thing happened, although not for shirt sales.

The Orioles got instant credibility by hiring a new manager, Buck Showalter, and they invested in new talent on the field and behind the scenes.

Winning baseball returned to Baltimore and then it left again, amid rumors of a move to Nashville.

So here we are. It’s time to once again start selling and wearing “Dump Angelos” T-shirts.